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Shock, horror: it’s an end of year list!

December 20, 2013

Everyone loves an end of year list don’t they?  Well, with the amount of Christmas shopping and/or boozing I need to squeeze in over the next few days, I certainly do – they write themselves!  So I’m going to wrap things up for 2013 with a quick selection of some of my absolute favourite records that I’d never heard of before I bought them this year, generally for a couple of quid each on Discogs (with a couple of notable exceptions).  Anyways, here they are – whatever your religious outlook, all the best for Christmas and New Year – hope you enjoy the next few weeks as much as I’m planning too!  See you on the other side.

Ben x

2 Trax – Track It

I came across this one by complete chance – someone had double posted and sold a record I wanted on discogs, so I had to find something else in their collection I wanted instead.  After a load of trawling, up popped what appears to be Mateo and Matos’ first ever record from 1992 – lovely stuff

4 C Soul – S-Mile/Joy

This one came courtesy of RJJNY’s amazing youtube channel – countless records from around the time use the sax sounds at the start of this and initially I wasn’t sure, but once the baseline started there was no going back.  And when the piano kicks in, oh my….

Boyd Jarvis – Timpini

My favourite track from the mix BalaerikSoul kindly posted for me to share back in October, mainly because it reminds me so much of In The Trees. My memory is generally awful (another reason I started writing the blog…) but I remember buying In The Trees with my DJ partner in crime – the late, great Simon Boyer – from Southport’s Zoomba records back in 1996 like it was yesterday. Good times.

Dreamhouse – I Can Feel It

Pal Joey can do no wrong in my book – this main mix is ace, but the other mixes on the record are well worth a listen too.  I imagine a more gifted DJ than I could rip a dancefloor apart with 2 copies…

Gary L – Time (To Party)

I have always loved and always will love Michael Jackson, but despite “Bad” being pretty much the most important event of the 80s for us 10 year olds, it was never my favourite of his songs.   Gary L – Time (To Party), however, is now right near the top of my all time list.  I could die a happy man if it turned out that MJ had pinched the baseline off Gary rather than the other way round, but that’s not one I want to delve into too deeply…

Lost Children – Love & Contradiction (Lost In Love Mix)

Another one from digging around RJJNY‘s posts on youtube – I love that there’s so much going on in this.  On the surface it seems to be a somewhat mournful deep house tune and yet there’s distorted samples and strings and drum patterns thrown in like its some kind of rave anthem.  Magic.

Moby – Mobility

So it turns out “Go” was the weakest track on Moby’s first record, funny how things work out…  I could just have easily posted the Aquamix, but I really like it when the breakbeat kicks in (specifically the Scorpio break – one for the spotters).

Rawthenticity – Obscure Business

Back to RJJNY yet again – finding his Bluejean Hughes playlist was one the absolute highlights of my year and this is my favourite track of them all. This simply has one of the best intros I’ve ever heard on a record, followed by the kind of filthy baseline Moodymann built his career on.  My dad used to tell me house music was just noise, maybe he wasn’t too far off the mark – this is my kind of noise!

Slam Mode – Cancion De Amor

I wouldn’t have found this one without Discogs – I came across New Jersey’s Right Area records while I was looking into Wayne Gardiner, another man that blurred the NY/NJ lines for me.  I was then in the usual trap of trying to find as many records as possible to get a bargain on the postage when this showed up in someone’s collection.  I could listen to this all day long.

Rydims (Bobby Konders) – 18 & Under (Aah)

As I wrote in my first post on the blog, if it wasn’t for Bobby Konders and his Lost Era CD, I might never have set off on this journey in the first place.  His records often fall in the “notable exceptions” category (in terms of having to shell out more than a couple of quid a time) so I’m yet to complete the collection, but tracks like this mean that I’ve got no option really.  When you’re still finding new tracks as good as this when you buy one of his records,  what else can you do?

Vicky Martin – Not Gonna Do It

Finally, V is for Vicky Martin – there’s nothing better than hearing a familiar sample and the one at 4:37 took me straight back to my school days.  I had Shades Of Rhythm – Sound of Eden on a mixtape I played to destruction – it was and still is one of my absolute favourite tunes from back then.  This Movin records classic is also the perfect place to wrap up for the year – Vicky is one of the guys I had the pleasure of chatting to Abigail Adams about a few weeks ago and will be writing up in the coming weeks with a mince pie and a cheeky Talisker in hand.  I’ll be back with that interview and a much more in the New Year – til then, all the best!

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