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After The Garage is a blog about the evolution of the deep house sound of New York by me, Ben Devereux.

Since I was a kid growing up in Southport in the North West of England, I have loved music for dancing to. It started with my parents Motown tapes and records, staying up late when they had friends from church round for house parties. As a teenager, it would develop to making pause button mixtapes recorded off the radio with my younger brother. Eventually it became a full on, grown up, nightclub music addiction, covering pretty much every type of music anyone’s shaken an ass to.

It’s the reason I met my incredible wife and have made the vast majority of my wonderful friends. So, yeah – I like dance music a lot! Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about some of it as much as I’ll enjoy writing about it!

One Comment
  1. Ralph permalink

    This was a tight Frankie remix….

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