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Classic Bobby Konders tracks

July 11, 2013

Just before I get on to the Paradise Garage – this is a music blog, so lets have some music!  The Lost Era CD is absolute gold from start to finish, but here are a few of my own personal highlights:

Bobby Konders: The Poem

1st track on the compilation, 1st record Bobby Konders released and the perfect introduction to the deepest sound of New York back in 1990.  Begins with Mutaburaka reciting the “Poem” itself, about a time before the end of apartheid and riots in Brixton, before melting into dreamlike house  groove.  If you’re looking for something a bit more uptempo, Todd Terry also covered it brilliantly as English Friday in 1991: English Friday: Riots In Brixton

Bobby Konders: Massai Women

The B side of The Poem when it was first released, but I probably love this even more than the A side – “minimal” but never dull, “tribal” before that was a thing, way ahead of it’s time.  Amazing.

Bobby Konders: Expressions (Flute mix)

While The Poem and Massai Women are just great tracks, Expressions takes me way back.  When I first listened to the Lost Era on Spotify, it stopped me in my tracks – I instantly remembered listening to it on a rave tape I’d borrowed from a mate in back in school, I hadn’t heard it in decades.  I assumed that everyone knew it, but having asked around it seems like it might be a new one for a lot of people – the youtube link is a bit short unfortunately, so get yourself to Spotify to hear it (and the rest of the album) in full: Lost Era in NYC 1987-1992

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  1. Ugly T permalink

    Some fantastic tunes here mate. The basslines are absolutely spot on, and remind me a lot of some of Chris Duckenfield’s stuff. Especially as Swag.

  2. Aye – Bobby Konders is really interesting, he made some of the best house tunes ever and ran one of the really important House music parties in New York (more on that soon), but his first love seems to have always been hip hop and reggae. That’s what he seems to be best known for (as Massive B)

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