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AfterTheGarage Mixtape Vol.1

August 23, 2013

After a bit of a heavy weekend, just a short post this time round – a couple of months back I recorded a mix of a load of classic New York Deep House tracks. As I’ve been in nostalgic mood, it seemed pretty obvious that there was only one thing to do with it: put it on tape!

I found these outstanding multi colour blue and yellow cassettes and ordered 50 copies. I’m currently working with a friend (‘ow do Jake!) on artwork to stamp onto the cassettes themselves, plus a design for a cardboard outer sleeve. Once that’s done, they’ll be available for anyone that wants a copy.

In the meantime, above is a sneak preview on Soundcloud – it’ll only be around til this time next week (29th) so have a listen quick if you’re interested!

The mix itself is mainly tracks from 87 to 92 on a whole range of New York labels, with a classic New York dub on Rams Horn thrown in for good measure.  As I said, it will only be on Soundcloud til next Friday (August 29th) – here’s a tracklisting – hope you enjoy it and have a great Bank Holiday weekend!

Paradise Inc – Deep Thoughts – Fourth Floor

K.A.T.O. – The Booty Dance – Nu Groove

Blaze – If You Should Need A Friend (Stardust mix) – Quark

Seduction – Seduction (The Reprise Loft mix) – Vendetta

Bamboo – Its all in your mind (This mix) – Fourth Floor

Elbee Bad – E7 E9 (Get Krump) – unreleased at the time, recently issued on LaRhon and Rush Hour

Massive Sounds – Expressions (Flute mix) – unreleased at the time although I definitely had it on a mixtape(!), its on a Bobby Konders compilation on Gigolo

No smoke – Koro Koro- this one’s actually a British track released on Warriors Dance in 1989, but it was huge in New York and headed in the opposite direction to most house music onto New York’s Profile records the following year

The Utopia Project – File #3 – Nu Groove

Mikki – Dance Love (dub mix) – Rams Horn

Pal Joey – Here It Is – Loop D’ Loop

Pal Joey – Party Time – Loop D’ Loop

Sax – Jazz Anthem – Freeze

Adeva – In & Out Of My LIfe (club mix) – Easy Street

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